Join us this June at Twin Made O Dan // Under \\ Nos Da

Did you hear? We are moving! At the end of May we say goodbye to our colourful creative container at The Bone Yard & head to NosDa Hostel & Bar and join the creative team of O Dan Nos Da.

Out last month at the Bone Yard sets to be super busy! Check out our upcoming June workshops. 
Get looking, get booking, get sharing!

Our new home needs a lot of work, we are currently recruiting friends to give us a hand and working in between workshops to create a light, bright and creative space. Out Twin Made workshops will continue as usual throughout June and July but after that we will be reducing them while we open our new space to give others the opportunity to host and run their own workshops. So if you have had your eye on a particular workshop, get booking!

Thank you for all your support!

We will be at The Bone Yard until the end of the month so pop in and say Hi/Bye and we look forward to introducing you to our new space!