Patchwork 18 Week 3

We are three weeks in to 2018 and my silly patchwork is progressing and looking surprisingly ok.

For those that have missed it: after being inspired by One Year in Stitch, where I tried a different stitch each week, I decided to have a new challenge for 2018 and as I hate waste I decided a patchwork made up of all the fabrics I have used over the year would make a great visual piece,

This weeks squares are made up of:

15. Fabric leftover from a dungarees workshop I hosted.

16. Goth cross stitch

17. Felties - I was making felt selfies

18. I made a light up crochet rug

19. Leftover fabric from a lampshade I made

21. Glitter - trying to brighten up a very wet day in Cardiff

If you would like to join me, use #patchwork18 over on Instagram.

I may also start following Hopebroidery Stitch-A-Long over on Instagram, as it is looking really good and I am getting majoy FOMO

Happy Making.

Patchwork Week 3.jpg