July 2019 at Twin Made

J U L Y J U L Y.
This weekend we moved our of our Creative Container at The Bone Yard and in to our new home at O Dan Nos Da. There is still A LOT of work to do and I am looking forward to showing you all.
Here are our July workshop dates. Have a read through and get booking.

We have some excellent workshops coming up with these badass ladies of craft: Chelsea Enness with Cardiff's first Craft Beer Craft Club, Geetlush is Bob Rossing up a storm with a Clitoris Paint along, Baked by Lou is joining us to teach us how to make decorative beads to add to our plant hangers and Becca is back with the Silly Panda Co monthlies to teach you how to make Reuseable Sanitary Towels.

Source: http://www.twinmade.com/book-now