Screen Printed Lampshade Nelly's Treasures x Twin Made

Out crafty resolution was to collaborate with local makers and artists to bring a more varied and exciting range of workshops.

Our next collaboration is with our neighbour and friend and all round awesome lady Helen from Nelly's Treasures. If you are not familiar with Helen's work go and check out her Etsy Shop here, apologies now as you may be purchasing a lot! Helen is a resident at The Printhaus, in Cardiff, where she spends her day getting creative in her very colourful studio.

Helen attended one our Lampshade Making classes a few years ago and was instantly hooked, she could see the possibilities of adding her own unique designs to create a range of beautiful home decor.

Together we have teamed up to bring you this exciting and fun workshop: Screen Printed Lampshade on Saturday 7th April 10.30am - 4pm, the workshop is £60 per person and includes all materials.

During this workshop Helen will guide you through designing, drawing and cutting a stencil which you will use to screen print on to fabric, expect a pallete of beautiful Nelly's Treasures colours to use. While your fabric is drying there will be a lunch break after which I will be teaching you how to use your freshly printed fabric and create it into a beautiful, bespoke roll top 30cm drum lampshade! You can then take if home and display with pride while repeatedly telling visitors that you made it!

Helen and I are both experienced teachers who regular run creative workshops. Expect a relaxed and enjoyable day where you can get creative without distractions and create a beautiful and unique item of home decor in just one day. Throughout the workshop you will pick up lots of hints and tips and have the confidence and how-to-guide to create lots more at home!

To book your place click on the email icon below!