I made dungarees

After growing ever envious of all the Lucy and Yak dungarees I kept seeing all the awesome ladies rock I decided to make my own pair. I have mastered a dungarees dress pattern for our Twin Made dungaree dress making workshop, so after mulling it over and having weird dreams about it I decided with a few measurements I could just make and sew a pair of trousers to a shortened dungarees dress and it only went and worked!

Well, kink of. 

Good stuff: I look like a children's TV presenter! These dungarees have 5 pockets!! Three patch: top and butt and two stitched round pockets, which are super deep. The trouser fit is tapered and look really good rolled up. The Dungarees dress top worked well. I added two darts at the back of the trousers and gathers at the front to ensure the dress top would fit the trousers.

Stuff I will do differently: Shorten the dress top part, add adjustable straps, remove the gathers and pleats. Oh and add a side zip other wise going for a wee is a bit of a mission.

How I did it: I used my own dungaree dress pattern. The Tilly and the Buttons one is similar and a Prima Pattern for trousers, which is one I had found and looked like it had come free in the magazine. 

It took about 4/5 hours, this time included adjusting the pattern and overlocking all the raw edges of fabric.

The fabric was a lightish denim from a local fabric shop called Butterfly Fabrics on City Road

Let me know if you have a go at making your own and how you did it!

Thank you for reading and see you again soon.