Patchwork 18

I loved doing #oneyearofstitches2017 over on instagram. I really enjoyed trying out and learning lots of new stitches. I have used many of the new stitches I learnt throughout the year. If you fancy giving it a go, let me know if you need any tips.


I would like to do a new challenge for 2018 so I have decided to make a #patchwork #quilt covering the year. Each square will be made up of fabric I have used on that particular day and if I have something a little more to say I can add an #embroidery or design. I am going to make a note as to what each square of fabric has been used for so I look back and can be reminded of all I have made.


I will be sewing it up as I go. 

Each square is 6 x 6cm.

I will use #Patchwork18 if you would like to join in. 

Should make a quilt approximately 60 x 96cm.

These are my squares so far:

1. Bag Main Fabric

2. ‎Bag lining

3. ‎Main Fabric for headphone case

4. ‎Fabric for headphone case